Taking time out for you!

Hey ladies! Heyyyyy... it's me, chiming in to see what you all are up too. Let's chat, and take a deeper dive on how you guys are spending time with yourselves and, for yourself. We all have a mountain and laundry list of things to do. Most of us can't see the end of the tunnel! our brains are fried and the clock is steady ticking on what's next. The overwhelm is real and we are not making time for ourselves. I'm here to tell you that without a moment of breath, a glass of wine, 10 minute meditation, a walk, window shopping; something, you will continue to feel defeated. "Enslaved to the right now syndrome". Some things really can wait! Time is not one of them. Let us find ways everyday to have a moment to ourselves. This may look different for everyone. No two things are generally alike but, with an accountable partner, the sky is the limit. Make a shift and remember to take time out for yourselves.

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