Mean your NO

Let's get real honest for a moment. How many times have you clearly said NO but then, turn around and do the opposite? How many times have you agreed that enough was enough but found yourself right back at that "very thing"? We have to get to a place of saying No and meaning it; and, not being concerned about what other people think. I understand that keeping your word is your credibility but at the same time, your sanity is very important just the same. Meaning your no is also about being true to yourself , standing up for yourself and being strong. No, is usually associated with a sign of weakness but its actually a sign of strength! It says, I own my word and I'm perfectly fine with the answer I gave. Meaning you're NO will give you more time for you, it will give you that much needed space and allow you to stand up and let people know where you are coming from. What's the reason that you are swaying on what you really feel? How will that serve you? Having an indecisive No will allow the other person to get what they want and often times, take advantage of you and the situation; while you, are upset. Start to mean your NO and be ok with that.

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