Coping with Self Doubt and Finding a Moment

Whats's up? may I ask how are you doing? I must say that covid-19 has everyone going in circles, or is it just me? The world has had many stand still moments and most of you are up against a lot! We have had to manage a lot and, more importantly, managing our mind! One of the easiest things that can happen is, we allow the overwhelm to take over our progress which ends with self doubt. Self doubt is the killer of your dreams and your forward progress. If you are looking for change, ladies I mean real change; then, you have to put in the work! No two things about it, just rolling up your sleeves and getting down to what is holding you back and why you are experiencing self doubt.

The overwhelm is real, I get it! To be totally honest, for every negative thought, I promise I can think of two positive thoughts to support why your negative thought is all invalid and self induced. Most of us get overwhelmed and then the forward spiral begins. We tell ourselves that we aren't worthy of that "thing" that your heart desires. You start to believe that you are not good enough or someone talked your positive thought into a negative thought. One of the things that I would say to start doing is wake up each day giving yourself 15 minutes of quiet time. Quiet time alone before you start the day. Start with thanks and gratitude for all things, even the smallest things. Start with some level of breathing exercise and meditation.

Most people have thoughts of how they want to start the day but then allow your schedule to get in the way of this important step. Centering yourself before you tackle the tasks of your day is so freakin important. The reality is, this may be the only time in the day where you can find a true moment. I mean a morning woosAH! BEFORE the kids, the hubby, before the bestie needs you, before you walk the dogs, before you check your cell, before you ope the email, before anything and everyone! You owe yourself a breath each and every morning. I believe in you sis! I believe that you can have the balance and positive thought each and every day regardless of covid and all the mental issues that constantly seep in. Covid is real and I get it. Many of us have suffered loss and we are uncertain about a lot of things. The one thing that you have control over is you. Give yourself that, a true moment.

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