Coaching Overview

I am Lisa Anderson, and through my brand The Confident Mindset, I help female entrepreneurs navigate important life transitions and realize real change in their lives, whether that is making an important decision, changing career direction, starting a business, or coping with relationship challenges such as separation, divorce or blended families.

As a coach, I bring experience, expertise and a “big picture” perspective to help you identify goals, navigate to objectives, and overcome obstacles to achieve fulfillment.

Coaching Format 


I meet with some of my clients locally, (pre-covid) work with clients from all around the world and nowadays, we are virtual.  I conduct coaching sessions by phone, or via web (such as Skype, Facetime, or Zoom), and offer additional support through online communication, like email, Whatsapp, and chat.

While most clients benefit from an ongoing coaching relationship, I also work with clients on a short-term basis and even provide single/double/triple sessions. The format is custom-designed around my client’s unique needs, timelines and constraints.

My coaching style is all about creating a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment where I aim to both support and challenge my clients to help them move forward, get “unstuck,” overcome fears or challenges and ultimately achieve success and happiness.

Sample Coaching Process Overview



Getting Started & What To Expect 

The best way to get started is to complete this brief online intake questionnaire. The next step is a free 15 minute consultation, to evaluate fit and determine next steps.

While all coaching sessions are different depending on the client and his or her circumstances, be prepared to be asked some challenging and thought-provoking questions. During the coaching process we will work with a number of tools and resources, such as checklists, reading materials and homework.

Areas of Specialized Coaching

As an Expatriate Confidence & Empowerment Coach, I focus on the following (often overlapping) three areas:

• Expat Transition Coaching: Working with individuals (and their families) embarking upon, adjusting to, or returning from Expatriate Assignments (International Work Assignments). Because I know that the transition back home can be just as challenging, I also support repatriating expats.

• Career Coaching: Working with globally mobile individuals going through career change, whether international or not, as many of the themes, challenges and solutions that impact expats are similar to those of non-expats going through career transitions. Many of the career change issues are linked to leading a life full of choices and freedon. My experience as an entrepreneur and leader within several businesses give me a unique perspective on both working within and leading organizations. 

• Relationship Coaching: Working with female entrepreneurs, individuals and expats, navigating relationship challenges or going through separation or divorce is a natural complement to expat coaching, since relationships are such a fundamental aspect of any life transition.