• Do you feel stuck in your current job, know that there is something different out there for you, but don’t know what or how to get there?

• Do you need help designing a globally mobile professional identity that fits with your expat lifestyle?

• Do you want to use relocation as an opportunity to reinvent yourself professionally, but don’t know where to start?​

I love working with globally mobile professionals, especially dual-career expat couples, as well as any individuals who want to change career direction and/or design a career that is fulfilling and provides them with a sense of meaning and purpose. Whether you are an expat or not, as your coach, I will offer you support and guidance in:

• Achieving clarity about your values, life purpose, passions, strengths and talents

• Defining your goals and designing a detailed action plan for achieving them

• Identifying areas where you are “stuck” and moving beyond those to achieve your goals

• Exploring, experimenting, learning and transformation

If you are part of a dual-career expat couple, I can support you in:

• Making a thoughtful, informed and empowered decisions on your next international move – and the ones after that – taking into account your career and other goals (short-, medium- and long-term) as a couple and family.

• Managing the balance between your expat lifestyle and your respective careers to thrive in your global lives without damaging your relationship or compromising your careers in the process.